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Boutique I Like: Stitch and Shutter

Boutique I Like: Stitch and Shutter

Ever just need to do something creative? That’s the feeling Megan Combs, founder of Stitch and Shutter, got when she moved to Denver with her husband, Chris Maydick, in 2012 and was looking for a job. “I have a degree in fine arts,” says Combs. “And am the kind of person who has always needed to keep my hands busy with creative projects. So I created Stitch and Shutter and started making DIY things when I could in our tiny apartment.”  

Roughly a year and a half later, those projects got upgraded to timeless leather bags, bracelets, wallets and other accessories (such as my favorite go-with-anything earrings), all made by hand by Combs in Denver (with prices ranging from $8 to $195). Friends, grab your fashion wish list, you'll want to add a few things. 

Why leather? “I was always curious about leather, but making things with it seemed expensive and daunting. Someone asked me to do a custom leather piece for them and, because of that, I had to get material and tools and learn the techniques. At the end of that project, I found that I really enjoyed it. For me, leather felt like coming home in the cheesiest way. You can do so many different things with it and it’s an awesome material to work with.” 

Combs’ style motto: “My brand mantra is a delicate strength. It’s something that has come up in my work since I was an undergrad. The idea is similar to that leather and lace idea: something delicate and soft mixed with something a little bit rough, hard and edgy. My cutout pieces, for example, have these really fine, delicate lines that are on a material that’s really durable, sturdy and long-lasting.”  

How long it takes to make each piece: “When I started doing the cut-out products, they took me a long time. The cut-out clutch, for example, started out taking me up to eight hours. Now, the process takes me around two hours because I've made so many. The brass jewelry, with the fringe, usually takes an hour or two.” 

Then, Combs tests: "I personally wear/use every product before I offer it for sale. I want to have a feel for everything so I’m comfortable with what I’m putting out there and know what I’m talking about when I say, yes this will stretch and wear a certain way. With necklaces, I want to know how they feel. The brass ring necklace, for example, looks really heavy, but I know it doesn’t feel heavy. And, with the earrings, I want to know how the metals wear because I have sensitive ears and know other people are sensitive to metals, too.”  

What's new this year: “2018 is an exciting year. I’m launching cactus-print coasters, a bigger o-ring handbag that you can wear as a crossbody or shoulder bag (it goes really well with casual and dressy looks), a pair of statement earrings and a minimalist slim backpack. I also just bought a laser cutter, so there will probably be a whole new collection based on that.” 

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