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Why You Shouldn't Fear the Pixie Cut: How I Got a Short Style I Love

Why You Shouldn't Fear the Pixie Cut: How I Got a Short Style I Love


Six months ago I did something I thought I would never do. On a chilly Saturday morning, I went to the hair salon and I chopped all my hair off. In a matter of seconds, my shoulder-length locks were gone, the longest strand I had left maybe reaching to my chin.  

I had joined the pixie(ish) club. 

And, now, I've got a secret to share: Pixie cuts aren't scary. You read that right. When you follow the correct steps, cutting all your hair off isn't frightening or intimidating. Really, it is exhilarating and so. much. fun.  

Thinking about taking the plunge? Let go of your nerves and keep reading—you can pull off a pixie cut too. Here's how I knew a short 'do was right for me.  

I thought about it.  
For about a year. I knew the idea was sticking when I started falling in love with every new pixie I saw—on family, friends, Youtube stars, you name it. 

I asked questions. 
My sister-in-law has sported this style of cut for more years than I can remember. She's shaved bits of her head. She's let it grow out. She's stuck with one style for more than one cut. Basically, she's a pro. So I asked her every question I had: How do I pick a cut? Will it grow out funny? Is it a big commitment? Her answers: Find a theme of styles you like. Growing it out is the best part, because you get to try a different cut every time you go in for a trim. Hair grows, it's absolutely not a big commitment.  

I saved so many pictures.  
When you're thinking of making a big style change, Pinterest is your best friend. And here was no different. I saved and looked at enough pixie cut pictures to determine themes: what I liked, what I didn't like, what was just ok, what I thought might work on me.  

Then, I tested said pictures.  
Have a friend who's good at Photoshop? Offer to buy them dinner in exchange for a few minutes of photo magic. They'll be able to overlay a haircut from a Pinterest photo onto a photo of you much better than websites that claim to do the same thing.  

Pick photos with varying styles—and bring your sense of humor. There will be looks that, inevitably, don't work. For me, that meant looking at a photo that made me look exactly like Justin Beiber. *Shudders from the memory.* 

I brought a list of dos and don'ts to my hair appointment, with picture examples.  
When I sat down, I knew what I didn't want and the kinds of things I liked and I had pictures to back up every idea.  

I have a hairstylist I trust. 
How do you know you can trust the person with the scissors? You've gone to them more than a few times, have liked their suggestions for your hair and know they have enough experience to spot a bad cut idea. The first thing mine asked when I told him what I wanted for the day: "How long have you thought about this?" 

I'm loving the benefits. 
My favorite: I can go four days without styling my hair. I just brush through it each morning and add some product. 

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