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Boutique I Like: Odeme

Boutique I Like: Odeme

Would you choose blue ...  Courtesy Odeme

Would you choose blue ... Courtesy Odeme

Everything you've dreamed of having on your vanity and in your ready-for-anything bag, all in delightfully colorful, vintage-inspired bottles—in a nutshell, that’s what you’ll find, and fall in love with, at Odeme. The beauty and lifestyle accessories company has been making waves online and in their Brooklyn store since 2015 with back-pocket-size flasks, non-toxic nail polish made in the U.S., compacts, nail kits and more.  

It took me just a few minutes on the phone with co-founder and marketing director Tara Rasmus to know I'd found a new go-to company. Good news for our wallets: most of the beauty products ring in at under $35. Beauty routines that look as pretty as they make us feel? Not so out of reach after all! 

In the beginning: "Odeme is the sister brand to Izola, the company that my husband started geared more towards men's accessories and gifts. The concept of Izola is to do these attractive and beautiful, but really utilitarian and well-made items, like stainless steel flasks and money clips—smaller classics that aren't made anymore or made well. And we had always talked about doing women's items in the same vein. The Odeme flask was one of our core items, the shape of which is inspired by a vintage flask and is molded by us."  

Or yellow as your signature color?  Courtesy Odeme

Or yellow as your signature color? Courtesy Odeme

Choose your color: Odeme accessories can create gift or color sets. "The idea started when we made our nail polish, made in a beautiful bottle that comes in a giftable box. From there, we decided to create color stories. The colors of the nail polish dictate the core colors of the line, so you have the option of choosing a signature Odeme color for products you order or putting together a gift coordinated by hue." 

The secret to their success: "Our wholesale director and I try to think about what women our age really need. What do we both want and need, especially when we are on the go, that we don't really have? We've talked about things like pillow cases and tampon cases and are talking about doing a beautiful keychain with a tool on it." 

Her favorite product: "I really love our compacts. I've always liked the idea of having a beautiful compact that's just for the mirror and not covered in powder grim."  

Odeme 2.0 is coming: "We're revamping by working on fresh patterns and cutting hues. We have three new nail polishes dropping around the holiday season. One of them, Grenadine, I named myself. It's a classic deep cherry, French girl kind of red." 

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